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Battling My Brain

I’m ducking out on Blog Battle again! Booooo! I didn’t get enough sleep last night, and my brain is kind of stuck between gears. I know I need to do stuff, but the stuff is not getting done.  I almost always write my battle story as flash fiction. I don’t think about it much until the Monday before most of the time and then I WIP it out on a Tuesday before the deadline.

Not a very good example to others, I know. My excuse for this round of non-participation is that I was up working on cover design ideas for a client until about 2AM. I’m still not 100% sure that was a wise move, since I never work well when I’m tired. Hence the reason I cannot formulate any stories in my head for a quick flash of fiction right now.

My daughter is watching My Little Ponies, and not even that in the background is dredging up any ideas. haha My dog is curled up by my feet, warming my toes, and still nothing comes to mind. I type and type and type and type…wait…what was I saying?

Ah yes…I need a nap, but it’s too late. I need a really big coffee instead. Maybe I’ll try to write a story before I sleep tonight (inevitably I’ll be up way past my bedtime again!).

What sorts of things disrupt your ability to write on any given day?

If you’re feeling particularly inspired to write a PIRATE themed crime/detective story for Blog Battle, make sure you give us a link to it! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Battling My Brain”

  1. Sleep is more important than I like to admit, but my story-thinking fails miserably when I’m tired. Catch up on sleep, my friend, your brain will thank you for it later! 🙂
    How did the book cover idea turn out, btw?

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  2. My full-time job is primarily the culprit, next comes my responsibilities to my family upon arriving home exhausted from working/commuting for 9.5 hours. Hope you’re feeling more rested, Rachael.

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    1. Kim, just the fact that you work a full-time job and have a family is enough to prove you’re a rockstar, then add on that passion for writing and you’re at legend status! Keep it up and make sure to rest where you can! 🙂 Thank you.

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  3. We’ve all been there and some of us are still, well, there! On the up side some stuff is progressing so I’m getting closer to being able to whip up a few entries soon.!! Oh, been mucking about with my image thingy. Lost the dinosaurs 🤕 Not sure I like this though. Might use it in a bio and change the gravataar for my magic book 😊

    Hope alls well Rachael x

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      1. It would be great on two fronts! popping in here for chats and damn good practice for short stories!!! I have been in a sort of limbo recently, but there is light up ahead now 🙂 Me, real.. nah, picked that off google just to give people a delusion of my reality he he (not really 🙂 )


  4. We’ve all been there, Rachael, and no doubt will be again.

    I’ve caught some sort of virus that’s really kicking my butt. I can barely keep up with blogging and basic housework. Creativity takes mental energy, and if you don’t have it, you just don’t.

    Good news is I caught up on my TBR pile, so at least I’m getting something done.

    May your energy and creativity return to you soon. 🙂

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  5. That all sounds familiar – except my offspring is a young man whose current deal is How to Train Your Dragon. I’d been trying to jump up before sunrise to crank out a few words per day, but so often my brain is fuggy and somehow the pitter patter of little feet quickly appear once I’m up (its kinda creepy in the dark)

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    1. LOL I know how that goes. When one of my sons was about 2 1/2 he’d wake up in the middle of the night and come stand by my side of the bed while I slept. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up with a serious little face staring at me…and the bed was the perfect height to be eye to eye. *shivers* lol

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  6. I’m sorry you couldn’t get your mojo going – I always enjoy your stories.
    Apart from the frequent “just not enough time” or “just too tired,” one of the biggest blockers I find is the debilitating desire to “write something really good” which often prevents me from writing anything at all. I sometimes also hit the “I don’t know what to write” wall. Both of these just require that I start typing and then things tend to get going.
    Wishing you some inspiration soon!

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    1. Thanks, Carl. I enjoy writing stories, especially when people like reading them. 🙂 Wanting to write something really good! Yeah, I think a lot of us can identify with that feeling. It probably haunts us even when we don’t realize or are in denial. That is great advice when one is unsure what to write! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. 🙂

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