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Lies. I have a Q. What’s your A?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the lies we believe about ourselves. But maybe over time this lie has been uncovered, and you’ve been freed from its burden. Or maybe you still struggle with this lie every day.


What is your lie? Or if you can’t answer for yourself, maybe you know the lie your best friend struggles with.

It could be anything. Weight; intelligence; talent; unworthiness; performance-based love; ugly = unlovable; vanity; no one is good enough for you; you’re not good enough; you name it.

What’s your lie?



13 thoughts on “Lies. I have a Q. What’s your A?”

    1. Oh no! That’s difficult to dispel, trust me. I know the feeling. “I’m an artist. I have a gift. And that . . . [is] enough for me.” 🙂 Not everyone is meant to be a scientist and genius comes in many forms. Touching people’s hearts is just as important as finding cures for diseases (something I believe this world will never be without). You are not useless! You are unique and your gifts are beautiful. ❤ 😀

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    1. I am eating too much candy and not exercising enough. Not sure that’s a recipe for success. lol
      I tell myself that lie until someone bursts my bubble. That is happening a little more often than not any more, so I think you should stop buying into the lie that you can’t write because it’s not true. Keep writing, keep learning, keep growing. And I’m not being nice. It’s just nice that my honesty is positive. 😀

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    1. I can’t tell you how much this sounds exactly like me. I used to believe if people were nice to me it was because they were just being kind, not because they liked me. Often this one creeps back into my mind…I get even more awkward when that happens. haha Is there anything you’ve done or a truth you tell yourself that combats this lie?

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  1. Hi boss, I’ve always believed I’ve not been good enough. A few years ago i worked for an ass hole that told me this. I know it’s not true but the doubt never goes away.

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    1. I know that feeling so well, and you’re right. It’s a struggle every day to combat it, especially when people outside ourselves are backing up that lie in our heads. We all have room for improvement, sure, but when it comes to ability and worth, that lie needs to get kicked to the curb. What do you do to help you fight the scourge of the “I’m not good enough” lie?

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