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Last Dance

#flashfiction #dance #drama

Steady rhythms. Erratic heart thrumming. The music begged to sooth, but her mind refused its solace. Every last breath ached in her chest like the too tight pinch of a straight jacket.

She gasped and bent at the waist. The drive zoomed up toward her as her knees buckled and her palms ground into the sharp gravel.

“I can’t!”

The words broke the cry clogging her throat, but the music refused to fade away. It drummed in her soul as if an immovable force.

“I’m sorry, Ash. Truly.”

She couldn’t look at him, especially when he sounded like that. Especially when that song played.

Tears spilled heedless of her heart, heedless of the warbled words of forever love. She stared at the drops landing like horrid bombs in the dust of the gravel drive, ignoring the cutting pain in her palms and knees where she wept at his feet.

“He promised me another dance.” Her whisper wasn’t soft enough.

Sgt. Blake knelt beside her, a tentative hand on her shoulder. “And he made me promise to give it to you. I’ll keep that promise for both of us . . . when you’re ready.”

This is my #BlogBattle story for the challenge word “Dance.”

10 thoughts on “Last Dance”

      1. I just watched some movie or was it a book I read; I cant remember …… but some guy a cop dies… on duty probably <strong<KIA or was he a soldier I think it was a cop because his dying words are to his partner (read also as best friend) to keep an eye on his soon to be widowed wife… well the best-friend happened to long since have a crush on the bestfriend’s wife…. so erm he comforts her They are set to get married….. and the ghost of his partner is none too happy about all of this especially after sniffing around behind the veil and being privy to things only The departed know; discovers that the shiny knife his so called best friend stabbed him in the back with………
        And now i dont remember what this has to do with the price of dances…..

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