Nano Real Talk, Calendars, and Memes

Some FUN(nies) for my NaNoWriMo friends! I don’t think I’ll be joining this year after als, but I’m cheering you all on!

Inklings is a time of solemn peace and reflection… Hah! Just kidding. It’s chaotic, and nerve-wracking, and completely insane! I’ve written about preparing before (in 2016, 2015 here and here, 2014 here and here…) so this time I’m just going to say: do it. You’ll be glad and proud you did. It is 1,000% worth it.

Oh, and take it from me.

The thing I wish I’d done differently was kept up more consistency with writing every single day. After a long night in class or at work, I often felt the idea of writing one or two thousand words would just be too tough. In retrospect I wish I had told myself it would be okay to write just 500 words… Maybe even just 100 words on those days.


My proudest achievement this year was writing every single day, even if it was just…

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4 thoughts on “Nano Real Talk, Calendars, and Memes

    1. lol I know just exactly what you mean. For me, right now I’m bi-passing this year’s NaNoWriMo because I haven’t finished my prequel project yet, need to reread the previous books in my series to re-acclimate my brain, and outline how the next book will flow! That all should have been done, but October flew by. *sigh* Next year, maybe. 😉

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      1. Oh the dread continuity when writing a series, and making sure a character doesn’t lurch in personality without a good reason. It’s a task all in itself Rachael.
        (Vol II of my own series already sets up challenges)
        Best wishes; keep on keeping on.

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