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When you need a new series to read…

I don’t know about you, but this winter has been kind of weird…and long. Snow hit here in February, right after good ol’ Punksatony Phil didn’t see his shadow. I’m thinking he did, in fact, see it and wanted to play a trick on us. What a prankster!

On these long winter days, cold and blustery, there’s nothing better than a good book. And for those of you in the southern hemisphere, while those rays are beatin’ down, a nice break in the shade is a great time to pick up a book and relax. Am I right or am I right?

I’m participating in a couple of BookFunnel promotions over the next few months, and here’s the current offering of free books, the openings of series in science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Most of the free books do require you sign up for the authors’ newsletter to obtain them, but not all. And if you want the book, go ahead and sign up. You can unsubscribe at any time!

Here’s the link:

I would only ask that you don’t mark authors’ newsletters as ‘spam’ in your email folder if you decide you don’t want them anymore, because it actually hurts the author and could cause the mail service to suspend their ability to have/send their newsletters to those who do want to get it. Instead, there is usually an ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom. THANK YOU!

What books do you have on your TBR this year?

If you decide you want to get The Beauty Thief, it’s on the list of books at the link above, but I’m trying a new cover design, so it looks about like this:

I’m not sure if I’ll give the series a new set of covers or not, since I can’t decide anymore what covers really work for my books. But I did start designing something for Captive Hope too…

Would love to know what you think, but no pressure. Not everyone will like these, I’m sure. But I hope they are even closer to better conveying the low fantasy ya genre the books fall within…

Anyway! Enough about me! Go find some great new book series starters to read!

8 thoughts on “When you need a new series to read…”

  1. I’ve been feeling the winter blues here, and a good book certainly does help. I’m reading A Gathering of Shadows right now. I’ve got a huge TBR list to go through! 😀 I doubt I’ll make much of a dent in it anytime soon, haha.
    I like the new cover for Captive Hope. 🙂

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    1. I’m right there with you. Just got a fresh four inches of snow and now some rain to finish it off. I could really use budding tree limbs and the tinkle of melting snow… 🙂 I haven’t read that one. Are you enjoying it so far? Thank you. I like it too. I made one for The Treasonous as well. What do you think of that one for The Beauty Thief? I haven’t actually changed anything yet. I just keep looking at them and wondering if I should. I’m never satisfied with the covers I design for myself…


  2. Hi Rachael… Winter will be Winter even while geoengineers are busy destroying what’s left of a livable environment. I have read “The Beauty Thief” a while back and I thought it was fitting as YA reading material. My TBR list is cracking at the seams with over 2000 titles in ebook format I have yet to tackle so wish me luck with that! I did achieve something positive recently, a sort of mini brain wave: I made a special folder in my “Books” folder for “WordPress Authors” so that now I know where to find you! Keep on making those beautiful folders, I may come calling in a while. Got some novels that need dressing up before being presented to the public.

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    1. 🙂 I don’t mind winter as long as it stays off the roads.

      Thank you for reading The Beauty Thief, Sha’Tara! I appreciate it. And 2000 titles?! Wow. I haven’t counted mine. That’s daunting. If you were to start on your list today, what are you in the mood for genre-wise?

      What a great idea! I might have to copy that Books folder idea. 🙂


      1. Hi Rachael, I have found over my reading decades that science fiction possesses most of the answers sought by my questing mind. I’m currently reading Poul Anderson’s “Boat of a Million Years.” From there, who knows? I know I have to make time for some of the older classics I downloaded from Project Gutenberg, but I don’t know how, when or if that’s going to happen. I’m after all into my seventies now and even with amazingly youthful health I’m not one of the immortals from “Boat of a Million Years!” (Well yes from the mind’s point of view I am of course immortal but not from the physical!)

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        1. I’ll have to keep an eye out for your review of “Boat of a Million Years” when you finish it. 🙂 I totally forgot about project Gutenberg! I’ll have to go back to that website. I took a peek at it to check out public domain stories that might be good for adaptations. 🙂 I know just want you mean about mind vs body. ❤


          1. I don’t usually do book reviews – my “views” are too far off the wall – but I might in this case. I like the concept of vulnerable immortals living through earth’s historical changes, trying to find each other, finding, loving, losing, hiding and changing their identities to survive… The concepts of eternity and immortality, of existing outside of space and time are attractive to me.

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