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Who Deserves Presents on a Book’s Semi-birthday?

You do! Of course!

Guess who is celebrating that six-month birthday?

The Crux Anthology will be officially six months old as of May 26th, 2019, and for the whole rest of this month we’ll be celebrating by giving away 250 free copies of the ebook version!

If you just want to share this link and buy a paperback copy of the book instead, that’s cool too. As a bonus to our readers who purchase at Amazon, you always get an ebook copy of the book for free with your paperback copy! How cool is that?

You can get one of these FREE Six-month BOOK BIRTHDAY Ebook copies through BookFunnel:

But some of you might be wondering what this book is all about

So let me give you a brief rundown:

  • The Crux Anthology started as the ASF Short Story Contest
  • The top 15 stories were included in the book
  • All proceeds from the purchase of The Crux Anthology are donated to Compassion International
  • Most of the stories are fantasy with a few great science fiction dashed throughout for good measure
  • There are sixteen authors included from around the world
  • All the stories are at most a PG-13 content value
  • You not only support these authors, but the donations from the sales go to Compassion International’s Where Most Needed Fund

Pretty great stuff, right?

Here on the website, we have a whole page dedicated to information about The Crux Anthology and its authors: Check it out – The Crux Anthology

If you’ve read the book and enjoyed any of the stories, it would help us out so much if you’d take the time to leave a review at your favorite retailer and/or Goodreads. It really makes a huge difference for the authors and the book! Your support is so appreciated, and we thank you for the time you’ve spent with us.

Do you have any questions about the book or for any of the authors? I’d love to answer your inquiries here, and I know the authors involved would love to do the same.

Enjoy your FREE EBOOK of The Crux Anthology

to celebrate our six-month book birthday!! Woohoo!

10 thoughts on “Who Deserves Presents on a Book’s Semi-birthday?”

      1. You’re not kidding! I blinked again and it’s half way through May. Really determined to catch up with this post and BB this weekend. Then it’s book time.

        Congrats to you too. I reckon you did all the really hard work lol

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  1. Reblogged this on Barb Taub and commented:
    I’m one of the lucky authors taking part in this anthology, along with fifteen others who share their worlds in short story form. To celebrate the first six months of publication of The Crux Anthology, publisher Rachael Ritchey is offering 250 free ebook copies. Have you gotten your copy yet?

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