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#BlogBattle Stories: Airtight

This list of stories is growing. Have you got yours written yet? Or maybe you just want to read some interesting stories? Head on over to our Blog Battlers page to get a look at some new authors and tales!



May 2019 Blog Battle Entries

Updated Daily, so make sure to check back for new stories throughout the month!

“Delivered” by A. E. Branson

“Money, a row, a walk and a tight situation” by Marian

“Pooping Monstrosity!” by Lisa R. Palmer

“Denial” by The Dark Netizen

“Waiting for the Day (airtight)” by Frank Prem

“Airtight Mystery” by Bella Basket

“Putting His Affair On Ice” by Geoff Le Pard

“Airtight Case” by Bryntin

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10 thoughts on “#BlogBattle Stories: Airtight”

  1. I’ll have to pass again (my writing mojo is going solely in one direction these days- daze?)
    Won’t stop me from taking time to out, to thank you as a writer for organising this Rachael and wishing everyone who has contributed all the very best.
    Yea Writers!

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    1. You are the BEST, Roger! I’m so sorry I haven’t responded to you yet. I actually want to redo that cover a little for you, btw. I just need to get into my email and actually write back. Hopefully tonight when my life slows down from kid activity! I’m just trying to catch up this afternoon (which I almost typed: fatternewn, so you know I’m having some brain distraction issues. lol).


      1. Hi Rachael
        Thanks for taking your time on the cover. I apprecaite how busy you must be……
        There was a slight change of plan on Vol. 1., With some folk I knew asking me about the re-edit of Vol 1 and under the influence of a strong but creative cold an experiment with Canva took place. Somehow the result seemed to suit the introduction of the characters as it was low key and muted……HOWEVER, Vol 3 and 4 take on far more dramatic and soemtimes painful tones so I’m looking forward to seeing your finished work as this can only serve to be a major focal point for one of those volumes. My offer still stands btw.
        I’m glad someone else types things like ‘fatternewn’, I thought it was just me! 😃

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha I hope you don’t feel obligated to use that cover, Roger! I by no means require it and am perfectly happy to enjoy the ones you have already got going. It’s good to continuity of cover design, so it might be best to stick with one designer for a series (even if that designer is oneself). 🙂 I really can’t begin to tell you how often I type the wrong word or a made up word. It’s ridiculous. At least on my phone I can blame the autocorrect feature. haha

          Liked by 1 person

          1. HI Rachael. Sorry for the delay. My WP account has developed this quirk of sometimes withholding notifications for double-digit hours and then springing them on me….Oh well.
            I really would like to use your cover design as I have this notion of each cover reflecting a ‘mood’ of the book.
            So Volume One is muted, as the reader gets to know the characters. Volume Two designed by a friend of my son’s is more detailed, and starker; the central characters being involved in a war on many fronts. The third and fourth have more personal drama, colourful but painful, I see the cover as bringing them into full exposure.
            Anyway, I’ll e-mail you and explain my plans and see what you think….It’s truly taking over my writing life…which is a good thing.
            As something of an insurance I pepper my books with made up words, so if a typo does creep in folk might think…Ha-ah! Another made up word….(I hope).
            Best wishes

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            1. ‘Mad, glorious man’…..aww shucks m’am, I’m blushing 😌….with pride….
              Seriously though I’ll e-mail you Rachael in the next week.
              Again thank you that tribute, that will have to go as a quote in the acknowledgments on Volume Two (been quite a journey) 💐 🌷 🌹 🥀 🌺 🌸 🌼 🌻 🌞

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            2. Thanks Rachael, your previous reply certainly started my day off with a ‘bounce’ ( received @ 8.35am BST).
              Keep you your good work.
              Best wishes
              Roger 😃

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