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I Need Your Help

As you know, I’m deep in the self-publishing world (and I do love what I do), but there are times when I really need outside eyes and opinions. I like to hear what people have to say. I like to digest differing opinions and ideas, assimilating what I find to be the most useful into my repertoire of knowledge and skills.

So, help me out today, please!

I have designed a new set of book covers for Chronicles of the Twelve Realms, but I do like the ones currently representing the books. Let me share the current ones and the potential new ones so you can give me your thoughts/opinions on which option to go with: to keep the current style and continue forward with that or to update all the covers to the new style.

First, an overview of what the books are

Low fantasy, young adult fiction. Think fairytales, the dangers of magic, sweet romance, action and adventure all wrapped up in one. The series is called Chronicles of the Twelve Realms.

Magic was banished and largely forgotten in the realms, but it still exists and The Beauty Thief introduces what the twisted nature of abusing magic can do through a fairytale romance that is threatened by the greed of a thief who steals the inner and outer beauty of one with a pure heart.

At the core of this series are themes of the deception, doubt, greed, hope, redemption, perseverance, and honor. They’re written with young women in mind, but if you like fairytales and sweet romance in a fantasy world where magic is not your friend, then you’d probably like this series.

Now, on to the dilemma

Current book covers of books 1 -3:

Books 1, 2 & 3 (with more to come)

Redesigned potential book covers 1 – 3:

This will be the cover of my upcoming prequel novella (Forever and a Thousand Times) to The Beauty Thief, and as you can see, I’ve embraced the new style for this cover. It might serve well to update the current covers to follow this design choice by itself, but what other facts are pros and/or cons for this change?

Is it time to update the series covers of Chronicles of the Twelve Realms? Rachael wants to know what you think!

The poll will be open until August 18th, 2019! Please feel free to share. Both professional and reader responses are welcome!

Thank you so much!

– Rachael

24 thoughts on “I Need Your Help”

  1. Rachael, although I absolutely love your first version of book 1 (so mysterious and moody) I do think your second set of covers will do the job of capturing the attention of YA readers. Especially when you consider the new novella cover in the same style. I especially love the new cover for your second book -just lovely! The three new ones , for me, do broadcast romance, fantasy, and fairy tale, so they seem perfect. Good luck!!

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    1. I do love them, too, and in this is my struggle. The current covers aren’t really market specific to YA fantasy or romance, but I do think they give a mysterious adventure feel! It’s a tough call. Thank you so much for weighing in! I value your opinion. ❤

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  2. The earlier versions were haunting. I loved the evocative eye in Volume One ‘The Beauty Thief’. In Volume Two ‘Captive Hope’, the restless ship in the storm and the almost ghostly, nearly pleading face was very haunting. And the naked blade matched the title ‘Treasonous’
    The new covers raise the bar. I’m agreeing with the comments that the figure on each volume draws the reader to the narrative. Imploring against the injustice of what has happened in ‘The Beauty Thief’. Gazing (we know not how) to a the storm wracked ship in ‘Captive Hope’ and the enigma of a couple in ‘Treasonous’ (Is one of them to betray the other….or are they sharing their strength of love in the face of adversity?).
    And having two covers always teases some variety with folk going for one series or another.
    (Or could treat themselves to another version with the new covers…Each one works of art).
    In conclusion…woebetide anyone who chooses the third option….They and I will have ‘words’ (they will not like mine)

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    1. Thanks, Roger! Your lovely descriptions have only made my job harder. lol I really appreciate you weighing in with your opinion, and as you can see from my myriad responses, I’m certainly chewing on all your words. As with large chunks of a novel that sometimes must be cut for the greater good, the same may go for the work lovingly put into these designs. I love hearing what people think about it all, though!

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  3. I think the new covers would be more successful with the target audience. The originals have no human figures, so may be harder for potential readers to identify with. The new one for Captive Hope still has that glorious ship, and I like the way you’ve handled that rather long word, Treasonous, in the new version.

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    1. Thanks, Audrey! Oh my goodness, when I named that book, Treasonous is appropriate, but I wasn’t thinking “how will this work on a book cover?” lol I’m beginning to think if I want to update and refresh the series, I might need to start again. By the time I am done the market will call for something different again. haha

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  4. I agree with Robbie’s observations… and would probably not look further than the cover before passing over, as romantic novels don’t really appeal to me personally, as much as adventures do.
    In general terms, I am not keen on the modern trend for having characters on the covers. I know it sells books, but I like the freedom to imagine the characters for myself.

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    1. I’m with you on persons on covers, Sue. As a matter of personal preference. The person rationale is that they add extra drama. But if they’re not done right (or well) then I’m sure it doesn’t really matter if they’re there or not, unless they do more to detract from the cover than add to it. I actually really love great text art on covers. Creative and easy to read titles are what really draw my eye. 🙂 Colors are next and images are last as far as my personal interest. The series is young adult low fantasy romance, so it’s not necessary to add a character to the front, but it’s also recommended by professional designers across the web…I struggle way more with designing my own covers than for other people. haha Sorry for rambling at you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinion! Much appreciated, Sue. 🙂

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      1. I would go with your priorities too, Rachel. (I’m agreeing with everone this morning…I must be in a good mood 🙂 )
        When I was first reading YA, (if my memory serves that far back;) ) is probably the one genre where character covers worked for me.

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        1. haha how was the rest of your day? Did the good mood continue? 🙂

          The market today for YA is a mixture of both, and I’m beginning to think I need to move toward the “symbol” style of cover that focuses on one dramatic element and text that is both artistic and fills the space. But eh…all I can really say is both sets are WAY better then my first attempts at designing covers for The Beauty Thief. 🙂


  5. In my opinion, the existing covers capture a spirit of magic, mystery and adventure. The new covers speak much more to me of a romantic tale. Is romance a bit feature in your books? If yes, then the new covers are appropriate. If the adventure elements should dominate then maybe not.

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    1. Thanks, Roberta. 🙂 You see my dilemma. haha Yes, the books are both magic and sweet romance, with adventure and perilous circumstances. They’re also YA, so the idea with the new covers is to attempt to better capture that audience’s attention. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I truly appreciate it. ❤


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