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A Twelve Realms Prequel: CH 1

I’m uploading revised chapters to this prequel novella, and here’s the best version to date! Would love for you to start reading and offer feedback. This will disappear off my blog and Wattpad when I finally finish publication of the book, so now’s a great opportunity to find out how Ismene came to be married to the Prince of Taisce and what it was that drew the thief of beauty to their little corner of Twelve Realms!

Rachael Ritchey

updated/revised 9/28/19

Forever and a Thousand Times

by Rachael Ritchey

Blurb: Ismene has given up her freedom to become wife to the future king of Taisce, all for the sake of her family. She never expected to find love within the castle walls, but she can’t seem to resist the temptation of the unexpected.

When corruption at court erupts into a full-blown coup, Ismene is forced to put her personal feelings aside and choose between forfeiting duty to preserve her own life at the expense of the prince’s or die with him.

Forever & a Thousand Times is also currently on Wattpad.

Chapter One

No Choice

Within the utterance of three words, the day had become a
plague upon Ismene’s soul. She gripped the arrow and string, pulling them back just
below eye level. Her arm muscles burned at the effort, but she’d prefer that
pain any day to the…

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