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New Books (FREE) for the New Year! Quick bit of exciting news for you, my friend! The Beauty Thief has joined twenty other books & short stories that you can get for free through the end of January, 2019! Here's the link: Clean Science Fiction & Fantasy ebooks through BookFunnel Some of the books ask for a simple e-newsletter sign-up and some don't.… Continue reading New Books (FREE) for the New Year!

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Mad Mona, Monarch of Madonia’s Christmas Surprise By Rachael Ritchey

Some Merry Christmas Mad Mona style! Check it out over at I Came for the Soup… a blog by and for creatives! ❤

I came for the soup...

I know better than to answer my phone after nine at night, and on Christmas Eve to boot. I really don’t know what came over me … except as I think on it, I doubt my not answering would have stopped Her Majesty from knocking my door down. It’s not as though anyone else would follow her on one of her hair-brained schemes.

Learning to skateboard and royal spaghetti-eating contests in neighboring Pastarea aside, she’s not always a loon, but Queen Mona isn’t lovingly referred to as Mad Mona, Her Majesty of Madonia for nothing. At least I’m not wearing a ridiculous red-checked tablecloth as a cape this time. Still ….

“Doyle!” Her Majesty waves me over with a wild sweep of her plump arm, the roundness of the limb enhanced by the down-filled coat I insisted she wear on this winter excursion that is quite against my better judgment…

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“Retrieve” by Sarah Addison-Fox: The Mega Book Tour!

Blog article title a little over the top? Really? I don't think so. Sarah Addison-Fox is a talented author with another fantastic book on her roster! That's megamazing! (Yes, I'm in the mood to invent some new words today. You're welcome). What's even better? She stopped by today! (And as a special surprise, we've also… Continue reading “Retrieve” by Sarah Addison-Fox: The Mega Book Tour!

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A Different Tell-Tale Heart

So, my son likes to participate in writing exercises with me, and this entry to #BlogBattle that he wrote definitely feels inspired by Edgar Allen Poe! I hope you enjoy. #BlogBattle: Heart Flash Fiction by my RiGuy Might. The power of “I might”. This is what my daughter said before she died. Her heart had… Continue reading A Different Tell-Tale Heart

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#BlogBattle Stories: Heart

Stories, stories, stories! #BlogBattle is on for December. Get your HEART stories written, and be inspired by the ones already posted. 🙂



December 2018 Blog Battle Entries

It’s not too late! Keep sending up links to your stories through the end of the month!

Updated Tuesdays & the 30th

“Stone” by Anita Dawes

“A Georgetown Misadventure” by Stevie Turner

“From the Hot Girl – Part One” by Phil Hutson

“Love is Hard” by Just Muddling Through Life

“The Chaos Engine” by Gary Jefferies

“Eat Your Heart Out” by Mark Huntley-James

“Heart in the Darkness” by Claire M. Banschbach

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