BB 1#BlogBattle is a weekly short story/flash fiction challenge using a single word for inspiration.

Blog Battle now has its very own blog! Make sure you head over to BlogBattlers.Wordpress.com and follow so that you stay connected with all the new and great stories!

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618 thoughts on “#BlogBattle”

  1. I believe my ping back actually pinged back…which is kinda cool as it was new tech 🤔

    Do you list all the ping backs in one place or are they scattered around the posts making it a trolling exercise to find everyone 🙃

    Not expecting much myself, but…mines an exercise in deciding if a short story on the five word wheeze could, in fact, be more. Any feedback on the score would be brilliant re a new story in progress or even a serialisation.

    Hope alls well 😊

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    1. It worked Gary. You won’t have to troll about. As soon as I am at a computer I’ll add the link to the 61 “surfer” post so it’s under a genre heading even! Looking forward to reading this one! 🙂

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      1. Thanks Rachael…not sure about thus one but if it turns a bigger story then maybe there is hope 🤔 But 61 surfer post?? Say what…are you complicating things for me already 😁

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        1. As long as you’re having fun, working your writer muscles, and making some friends, I’m happy see you writing (and enjoying what you write, frankly). And don’t mind my shorthand there with the current blog battle title. It just means this is battle 61 and the word is “surfer”. I have and “entries and voting” post that I do for every battle and that is where I list all the links that have been so kindly pinged back to me. 🙂 You are on it now! https://blogbattlers.wordpress.com/2016/05/24/blogbattle-61-surfer-entries-voting/

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            1. Voting will open tomorrow (or my tomorrow as I’m in Pacific time) when I add the poll. For today, everyone gets to post their stories. 🙂 The poll will be added down under all the stories. 🙂

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