Basic Book Design Fees

all prices USD

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Cover Design

  • For Ebook & Print
    • Custom design: $60 USD
      • Extra donation is always welcome!
      • If you want to use stock images the added prices vary
  • For Ebook & Print
    • Pre-made covers: $50
      • Tweaks and changes available to suit needs
      • Extra donation is always welcome!
  • For Print Books:
    • Spine and back cover: $10
      • For KDP or IngramSpark
      • I do all the heavy lifting so no DIY required

I like to work with you at your comfort level to come up with the final design you love and can be proud to share with the world. I won’t severely limit your choices, and I’ll work hard to capture your vision in a professional and beautiful design.

Interior Formatting

For Ebook:

  • Smashwords premium catalog formatting: $30
    • This will make your book available through stores like Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (nook), Apple iTunes (iBook), Kobo and more!
  • Kindle formatting: $30
    • .mobi file
    • .epub file
  • Extra Heading Art
    • additional $10

For Print:

  • Basic No Frills KDP &/or IngramSpark: $30
  • Extra Heading Art
    • additional $10
  • Interior Images
    • additional $2/each

For eBook & Print:

  • Combo of print/Smashwords ebook/Kindle ebook: $80
  • Combo of print/Smashwords ebook: $50
  • Combo of print/Kindle ebook: $50
  • Extra Heading Art: additional $10

I work with you to make sure the interior looks and feels professional.

Payment is made through PayPal: 1/2 up front and the second 1/2 at the end signifying that the project is complete. Once payment is received in full the completed, high-quality files will be sent via email within 24 hours.

For questions or to discuss the fees, please use the contact form below.

Things worth including besides your name would be:

  • Titles/books that are Comparative and Competitive to yours
  • Character Traits of your protagonist (& antagonist if you want)
  • Special objects (anything key to the story)
  • Places (time, era, season, terrain, etc)
  • Synopsis (a brief description telling me what your book is about)
  • Your preferences for communication

Book Design by Rachael main page


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