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A Different Tell-Tale Heart

So, my son likes to participate in writing exercises with me, and this entry to #BlogBattle that he wrote definitely feels inspired by Edgar Allen Poe! I hope you enjoy. #BlogBattle: Heart Flash Fiction by my RiGuy Might. The power of “I might”. This is what my daughter said before she died. Her heart had… Continue reading A Different Tell-Tale Heart

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La Puerta de Siempre #blogbattle

Okay, so my Cave #BlogBattle story is a total cheat. This is an excerpt from a short story I've been working on. I doubt it will make a ton of sense, but it's exciting, and you'll be able to read the whole thing in the ASF Short Story Contest Anthology book, The Crux, when it comes… Continue reading La Puerta de Siempre #blogbattle


#BlogBattle October: CAVE

Good day to you! If you've missed out on the announcement, the BlogBattle is back! Yes, yes it is. And now is the time to write your story for October so everyone can read and enjoy it throughout the month and in the future. And here is this month's word: Cave Of course, the best… Continue reading #BlogBattle October: CAVE


#BlogBattle: Blaze for September 2018

Another month, another word prompt! Get writing! September 2018 Blog Battle Our word this month is: Blaze ANY PHOTOS INCLUDED WITH THE PROMPT ARE ONLY FOR YOUR BENEFIT AS A PINCH OF INSPIRATION. THEY DON’T NEED TO DICTATE YOUR THEME OR STORY GENRE. ONLY THE WORD OF THE MONTH COUNTS! PHOTOS ARE THANKS TO VARIOUS… Continue reading #BlogBattle: Blaze for September 2018

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The Binding Moon Festival

#BlogBattle is a monthly one-word writing prompt that I started a few years ago with some writer friends. Well, we've reinvented it and brought it back for our writing pleasure and your reading enjoyment! I hope you'll find this MOON flash fiction short story both curious and worthwhile. Feel free to comment your thoughts! The… Continue reading The Binding Moon Festival