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Last Dance

#flashfiction #dance #drama Steady rhythms. Erratic heart thrumming. The music begged to sooth, but her mind refused its solace. Every last breath ached in her chest like the too tight pinch of a straight jacket. She gasped and bent at the waist. The drive zoomed up toward her as her knees buckled and her palms… Continue reading Last Dance

#BlogBattles, short stories

The Burn of Disobedience #FlashFiction #BlogBattle

#BlogBattle 19 "Disobedience" Genre: Historical Fiction - Ancient Rome The Burn of Disobedience The rope dug in to her wrists, the soft flesh burned by friction. "My disappointment runs deep." Philomena glared at the ground, her last act of defiance. "Mina, my dear," her mistress said, a chastising lilt to her voice, "you only needed… Continue reading The Burn of Disobedience #FlashFiction #BlogBattle

#BlogBattles, short stories

When the Grass is Greener #BlogBattle 16 “Garden”

#BlogBattle "Garden" Fantasy Short Fiction When the Grass is Greener The doors were locked. Who was she kidding? They were always locked. The scrolling vine pattern carved into the heavy teak and polished to a gleam worked on Della like a sort of magic, tempting her to see what was hidden behind. Her lackluster and… Continue reading When the Grass is Greener #BlogBattle 16 “Garden”

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Reflections & Echos #BlogBattle #Selfie #Fantasy

#BlogBattle 12: "Selfie" - Fantasy I decided to take the suggestion of "mythology" under the fantasy genre, so this story is inspired by the Greco-Roman myths of Narcissus & Echo. Narcisse's hurried steps echoed down the empty alley. With a heavy sigh, he stopped and slumped against the cool red brick wall. "Narcisse!" a sultry, feminine… Continue reading Reflections & Echos #BlogBattle #Selfie #Fantasy

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History of the Keeper’s Prophecy Child #BlogBattle Liquid #Fantasyfiction

#BlogBattle "Liquid" Fantasy Story History of the Keeper's Prophecy Child and the Fountain Zoi The shimmering pool hidden in the hollow called to me in my dreams but was forever out of reach. In all my years at the abbey, I'd never touched the unearthly reflective liquid, though I had often wondered what might happen… Continue reading History of the Keeper’s Prophecy Child #BlogBattle Liquid #Fantasyfiction