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Reflections & Echos #BlogBattle #Selfie #Fantasy

#BlogBattle 12: "Selfie" - Fantasy I decided to take the suggestion of "mythology" under the fantasy genre, so this story is inspired by the Greco-Roman myths of Narcissus & Echo. Narcisse's hurried steps echoed down the empty alley. With a heavy sigh, he stopped and slumped against the cool red brick wall. "Narcisse!" a sultry, feminine… Continue reading Reflections & Echos #BlogBattle #Selfie #Fantasy

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History of the Keeper’s Prophecy Child #BlogBattle Liquid #Fantasyfiction

#BlogBattle "Liquid" Fantasy Story History of the Keeper's Prophecy Child and the Fountain Zoi The shimmering pool hidden in the hollow called to me in my dreams but was forever out of reach. In all my years at the abbey, I'd never touched the unearthly reflective liquid, though I had often wondered what might happen… Continue reading History of the Keeper’s Prophecy Child #BlogBattle Liquid #Fantasyfiction

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What Might a Peer Critique Look Like?

I've said before that critique partners--or more specifically, beta readers--are a must have for writers today. When we finish writing something, editing and revising several times, we begin to lose our objectivity with each pass. We can't always see the mistakes we've made, and we can easily miss weak points because the story is far… Continue reading What Might a Peer Critique Look Like?

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Proposal #BlogBattle 2 #fanfiction #JaneAusten

#BlogBattle 2: Thorn (Fan Fiction) Proposal A Pride & Prejudice Fan Fiction Tale   Elizabeth and Jane stood by the rose bush, trimming off dead heads and gathering stems for a fresh bouquet. Their mother was in an uproar over some slight given by Lady Lucas, but they'd been able to quash the tantrum with… Continue reading Proposal #BlogBattle 2 #fanfiction #JaneAusten

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Ch 2: Secrets of the Spokanee #BlogBattle

Blog Battle 77: Perfect Click here for Chapter One genre: action/adventure I kept staring at the biggest pile of treasure in the center of the cavern. I couldn't take my eyes off it. Sean's words kind of drifted out of my mind, like he'd said them but since the way we'd come was gone there… Continue reading Ch 2: Secrets of the Spokanee #BlogBattle

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Ch 1: Secrets of the Spokanee #BlogBattle #fiction

#BlogBattle 76: Debacle 🙂 Come one, come all! Read and write and have a ball! genre: action/adventure Choking dust plumed about. I pulled the front of my shirt up and coughed into it, at the same time squinting my eyes against the assault of tiny particles. With my free hand I waved through the dust with… Continue reading Ch 1: Secrets of the Spokanee #BlogBattle #fiction

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Sacrifice of Sacrilege #Blogbattle 71

#BlogBattle 71: Sacrilege genre: fantasy Pious and pure, her life had been lived within the sanctity of the walls of the Goodness of Holuvenius. Only women, some young but most old, were allowed within this sanctuary, but unbenounced to their Most High Matron of Holuvenius, Clarity had stepped outside the bounds and brought upon them… Continue reading Sacrifice of Sacrilege #Blogbattle 71

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Unforgotten Derelict

Blogbattle 70 "Derelict" genre: drama He was a derelict, wandering the country with no home, no family, no one to remember his name. Most of the time he didn't even remember his own name. The cloudy day he'd lost everything still tasted gray upon his tongue, but he'd no one else to blame. No. Joshua's… Continue reading Unforgotten Derelict