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Inspiration Take 2: More Book Cover Design

And to add to what I posted earlier this week, here are some updated covers and designs to peruse. The titles and author names are fictitious! Just insert your name and title and voila! Thanks for taking a gander! If you have questions about cover design, I'm an improving amateur designer but love answering questions… Continue reading Inspiration Take 2: More Book Cover Design

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Custom Covers

As some of you know, I do cover and interior book design. I thought I'd share some of my work from the last year with you. As you can see from these examples (and if you click here, my premade covers), I work closely with the author to not only capture his or her imagination… Continue reading Custom Covers

Book Design

Your Helpful, Reasonable & Passionate Book Designer is Here!

Do you need help designing the cover of your next book? Do you have an idea in your head but want a hand pulling it all together? Do you struggle with design work and cringe at the cost of hiring someone else to do it? I totally get it! I am an author and publisher,… Continue reading Your Helpful, Reasonable & Passionate Book Designer is Here!

Book Design

I’m a “Designer” now?

No, not like a fancy pair of designer jeans. I'm stepping in to a world of book cover design about which I'm pretty sure I only have the iceberg's tip of knowledge but can't wait to learn more. There are legal things that freak me out, a lot, but that would happen with just about any business… Continue reading I’m a “Designer” now?