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#WotD Word of the Day: Compunction

Word of the Day with dictionary.com Compunction I probably won't do this every day, but the idea has struck me. I am thinking it could be fun to just think on these interesting words and share stories, real or fiction, on a regular basis. You're welcome to join me! Who really wants to think back… Continue reading #WotD Word of the Day: Compunction

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Word of the Day

Hey! It's Word of the Day with dictionary.com! When is a time you've been thunderstruck? The best time I can remember being thunderstruck came at the end of my senior year of high school. I'd always worked hard and done well in school. I appreciated all my teachers and enjoyed most of the subjects we… Continue reading Word of the Day

I think it's neat, Other Authors

B-Fest Author Spotlight 2: Morgan Wylie

This is our lucky week! I have another fabulous author from my hometown to interview in celebration of Barnes & Noble’s B-Fest Teen Book Festival! Today I’d like to introduce you to Morgan Wylie. I did a spot on her books last week. Please help me welcome Morgan Wylie to the blog today. We’re going… Continue reading B-Fest Author Spotlight 2: Morgan Wylie

I think it's neat, Other Authors

B-Fest Author Spotlight: Jenny Elliott

Today we’re welcoming a special guest to the blog. Please say hello to Jenny Elliott, author of the YA paranormal romance, Save Me. I posted about her book last week, which you can check out by clicking here. Jenny is an author from my neck of the woods, around Spokane, WA, and I’m thrilled that she’ll… Continue reading B-Fest Author Spotlight: Jenny Elliott

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Join the Bodacious Battle Community on Facebook

#BlogBattle now has it's very own community page on Facebook! #BlogBattle Facebook Community Are you a writer? Are you a reader? Click the link above and like the page! Become a part of making it a success! Battlers: If you have a Facebook author/writer page, please put a link in the comments section here so… Continue reading Join the Bodacious Battle Community on Facebook

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Persepolis: City of Persians

I recently wrote a fictional western tale that had to include a theme word: Persepolis. When I was doing a quick word study of Persepolis I became enthralled with the history of the palace and the people connected to it, in part, because it seemed to line up with the book Esther from the Bible. Much… Continue reading Persepolis: City of Persians

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“Serve Your Family.”

There was a 60Minutes spotlight on Frank Hall, who became known as the hero he's always been two years ago during the shooting at Chardon High. He doesn't think of himself that way, but he is; he risked his life to protect the kids in that room, standing in the gap. What happened there and at many,… Continue reading “Serve Your Family.”

#BlogBattles, I think it's neat

Interview with “Spaghetti” #BlogBattle Winner Tess

Hello friends! Help me in welcoming our guest today, Miss Tess of Let's Cut the Crap/How the Cookie Crumbles. We're so pleased to be able to sit down with you, our "Spaghetti" winner, and get to know you a little better. Now that we're comfortable, we'd love to know, 1) As a rockin' (to the… Continue reading Interview with “Spaghetti” #BlogBattle Winner Tess