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New Books (FREE) for the New Year!

https://books.bookfunnel.com/clean_sci-fi_fantasy_ebooks Quick bit of exciting news for you, my friend! The Beauty Thief has joined twenty other books & short stories that you can get for free through the end of January, 2019! Here's the link: Clean Science Fiction & Fantasy ebooks through BookFunnel Some of the books ask for a simple e-newsletter sign-up and some don't.… Continue reading New Books (FREE) for the New Year!

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“Retrieve” by Sarah Addison-Fox: The Mega Book Tour!

Blog article title a little over the top? Really? I don't think so. Sarah Addison-Fox is a talented author with another fantastic book on her roster! That's megamazing! (Yes, I'm in the mood to invent some new words today. You're welcome). What's even better? She stopped by today! (And as a special surprise, we've also… Continue reading “Retrieve” by Sarah Addison-Fox: The Mega Book Tour!

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A Different Tell-Tale Heart

So, my son likes to participate in writing exercises with me, and this entry to #BlogBattle that he wrote definitely feels inspired by Edgar Allen Poe! I hope you enjoy. #BlogBattle: Heart Flash Fiction by my RiGuy Might. The power of “I might”. This is what my daughter said before she died. Her heart had… Continue reading A Different Tell-Tale Heart

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The Crux Crew Mini-Interview

I couldn't help reblogging this entertaining and interesting interview (more of a conversation between three authors we get to sit it on) between host author Joy E. Rancatore, R. J. Rodda, and Audrey Driscoll.  To enjoy the interview in its entirety, head to Joy's website by clicking this link: http://www.joyerancatore.com/2018/11/15/the-crux-crew-mini-interview/ Following is a snippet, but… Continue reading The Crux Crew Mini-Interview

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Step Through the Nexus Gate with Candice Coates

Guys, gals, peoples, beasts! Have you heard about this new book yet? If not, you are missing out. Nexus Gate 4037: The Animal by Candice Coates is a must-read for anyone who enjoys sci-fi, time travel, futuristic worlds clashing with history, and the like. It's currently available on Kindle but paperback and other ebook options… Continue reading Step Through the Nexus Gate with Candice Coates