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A Modest look at Modesty

I have been seeing a lot of blogs and articles talking about modesty lately. On occasion I feel like we are missing the point of modesty. From my perspective as a Christian woman and mom to daughters, I want to tell you what I think modesty is and is not.  Let's start with what it… Continue reading A Modest look at Modesty


What Your Faves Have in Common

Great idea, E. RAWLS!

E.E. Rawls Writes

What keeps you reading:
This is an interesting question to think about before and during the writing process: What do all of your favorite stories have in common? (this can include all media, not just books)

Why find out? Because answering this question for yourself may give you an idea of what it is you want to do with your own story, how the plot can be woven, what your goal is, and how your story will engage with readers.

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Taken for Granted: A List of Twenty-One

The following is an incomplete list of things I am pretty sure I take for granted. Maybe you can identify with some. What do you take for granted? I know how to ride a bicycle Toilet paper is at my disposal where ever necessary My home is warm My home can be cool when it's… Continue reading Taken for Granted: A List of Twenty-One

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Guest Blogger – Rachael Ritchey Takes Over Blondewritemore!

Wowza! I have passed a new milestone in my blogging journey! Thank you Blonewritemore! Share the love. Go check it out!

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Praise vs. Paycheck: What is the comparison?

I took quite a long hiatus from my blog! I'm so sorry to everyone who actually takes the time to read my posts! I feel like I've been away far too long, but life took a temporary side-trail. I'm finally headed back to the main road. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying on… Continue reading Praise vs. Paycheck: What is the comparison?