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The 7/7/7 Challenge

I was nominated by my friend and fellow author, Kima Prince, to partake in the 7/7/7 challenge!   She nominated me quite a while ago, but I didn't have a new work-in-progress (WIP) to participate with at the time, so I saved the challenge for a little while. 🙂 So what is the 7/7/7 challenge? It is where… Continue reading The 7/7/7 Challenge

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7/7/7 Challenge

Ah, E. Rawls, you've caught me at just the right moment to participate. I have finally started naming the chapters in my current WIP. For most, that may seem unspectacular, but for me it stirs up excitement. It reminds me of what each chapter holds, what every word brings to the story. The rules of… Continue reading 7/7/7 Challenge