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Interview with “Rage” #BlogBattle Winner Blonde(Lucy)WriteMore!

Look at that beautiful face! Everyone meet the talented Miss Lucy of BlondeWriteMore! She's won yet another Blog Battle with her hilarious character antics. Lucy, I'm so glad you could stop in for a little chit-chat. We're very interested to find out more about the woman behind the wit. I'm going to start with something… Continue reading Interview with “Rage” #BlogBattle Winner Blonde(Lucy)WriteMore!

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Guest post by BlondeLucy, the Extraordinaire!

Okay, so she doesn't really go by "BlondeLucy" but that's what I like to call her because I love her name, and I love her blogging persona at BlondeWriteMore. "Ahh," you're saying, "Now we know who you're talking about!" Yes, it's that special lady, that fun friend, my IBFF guest posting for us today! I cornered… Continue reading Guest post by BlondeLucy, the Extraordinaire!


The Joke’s On You by Marnie S.

UPDATE: This is the week 6 "Blonde" #BlogBattle Winner! Congrats, Marnie! Marnie Schroer is a new friend! She's not a blogger, but she is a tweeter (@MarnieSpokane) who decided she'd like to join the #BlogBattle! I think Ssenlrak(Karl) finally convinced her. 🙂 Welcome, Marnie. 🙂 Here's her Twitter Description: Professional exterior with chewy, nerd inside.… Continue reading The Joke’s On You by Marnie S.


#BlogBattle: Blonde by Grant

Grant's #BlogBattle Wk 6 Story:   Blonde One day there was a blonde woman named Eliza. She was walking on the beach with her dog at sunrise. While they were there, they built sand castles and were swimming. Then a hand popped out of the water and grabbed her! The thing that grabbed her was… Continue reading #BlogBattle: Blonde by Grant


I Learned It from History?

#BlogBattle Week 6: Blonde Okay, so I have to admit that this is actually the second short story that I wrote for the Blonde #BlogBattle. I would say neither is really better than the other, but this one is a little different, so I decided to share it for the #BlogBattle instead of the first… Continue reading I Learned It from History?