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Bottled Up

#BlogBattle 36 "Bottle" genre: fantasy (mystery & drama) She walked along the beach, head ducked and hands shoved deep in her jacket pockets. The wind whipped about, pulling her hair and waving it across her face in ticklish teasing. She'd given up the attempts to keep the lip-tingling tendrils from sweeping across her face. The… Continue reading Bottled Up

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#BlogBattle Week 36 “Bottle” Entries & Voting

**Stories are updated! Please have a good time reading 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE!** (if I missed your story stilll, please message me so I can correct it while I have wifi). 🙂 **due to power outage, which started Tuesday afternoon for me, I haven't had access to computer or wifi. It is… Continue reading #BlogBattle Week 36 “Bottle” Entries & Voting