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“Gift” #BlogBattle Winner Interview: Claire Banschbach

This is a very late interview with our Week 42 "Gift" #BlogBattle Winner. But I suppose I subscribe to the old adage, "better late than never!" Claire's story, The Strange Gift, was a wonderfully fantastical story about a girl who learned to love books in the most magical way. If you haven't read it yet… Continue reading “Gift” #BlogBattle Winner Interview: Claire Banschbach

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Liebster Award Part 2

I received three nominations for the Liebster Award in one week! I'm finally getting a moment to answer the questions, and this is the second installment! Thanks, Claire Banschbach, for your fun questions! I'll have one more part later in the week, and at that point I'll post my nominations with my own questions. For… Continue reading Liebster Award Part 2

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Liebster Award

What a crazy week it was! I received three Liebster awards in one week from three very wonderful blogger friends. I'm truly thankful for the awards! Thank you Candice Coates! Thank you Claire Banschbach! Thank you Kima Prince! It's impressed upon me that my blogging does inspire people even though I doubt myself more often… Continue reading Liebster Award


Interview with Claire Banschbach, News #Blogbattle Winner

It's that time again! And author friend, Claire Banschbach is the News #BlogBattle Winner! We've not had the chance to grill her for information interrogate question interview her, so I've asked her by for a tidy little visit. She thought she might be up for it. What do you think, Claire? Can you take the heat? I'd… Continue reading Interview with Claire Banschbach, News #Blogbattle Winner