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Interview with #BlogBattle Newcomer & “Dive” Winner Grace Petrelli

 Last week our #BlogBattle word was DIVE, and with it came a new player to the game: Grace Petrelli! Grace is a writer who lives in my very own neighborhood. Not my actual neighborhood, like down the street, but in my physical vicinity. I actually met her in person first! Crazy stuff right there. Though… Continue reading Interview with #BlogBattle Newcomer & “Dive” Winner Grace Petrelli


Honeymoon Hideout

#BlogBattle 45: Dive Peering the direction Theiandar pointed worked to stir up the butterflies in Caityn's stomach. She knew how to swim and had jumped from heights before, just none that high. "I like to dive off that one. The first time my father brought me to Negeen I was too afraid to do it,… Continue reading Honeymoon Hideout

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A Smuggler’s Story

Visit Grace's new blog to read and comment on this story! ClickHERE: Grace Petrelli Hey all! Take some time to greet our new #BlogBattle buddy, Grace! By chance, rather fortuitously, and as part of the greater scheme of things I met this lovely young woman at a Thomas Hammer coffee shop where, lo and behold, I… Continue reading A Smuggler’s Story