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Field of Legumes

#BlogBattle Week 25 "Legumes" Theme genre: Romance The sun was scorching upon the fields along the east bank of the Bear River, and Sylva’s attention kept wandering to the rushing currents of the cool water. She longed to discard her heavy dress and apron to go kick about in the refreshing flow, but instead she… Continue reading Field of Legumes


Interview with Candice Coates, Prophet #BlogBattle Winner

I appreciate a great deal about Blog Battles, but my favorite part is the battlers themselves. Today we get to learn more about last week's winner, Candice Coates. She tied with another great battler, Andrew S., and I think you'll enjoy both their Prophet stories! So, Candice! I'm pleased as punch you were able to… Continue reading Interview with Candice Coates, Prophet #BlogBattle Winner


Interview With “Drop” #BlogBattle Winner PhoenixGrey85

Blog Battle "Drop" has gotten itself a prize of a winner: PhoenixGrey85!!! She's taken the trophy this week! She's been an active participant, writing faithfully week after week since the second battle! Phoenix has tickled our fancy with a continuing light fantasy story centered around a young woman named Layla and a fairy called Winter.… Continue reading Interview With “Drop” #BlogBattle Winner PhoenixGrey85

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Praise vs. Paycheck: What is the comparison?

I took quite a long hiatus from my blog! I'm so sorry to everyone who actually takes the time to read my posts! I feel like I've been away far too long, but life took a temporary side-trail. I'm finally headed back to the main road. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying on… Continue reading Praise vs. Paycheck: What is the comparison?


Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It.

In a Blink Do you ever look at the day And think to yourself, NO WAY! Time has flown by in a zip And you can't seem to get a grip. It just slips on through your fingers. A memory is all that lingers, But you know it truly was real Life lived wasn't something… Continue reading Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It.