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Join the Bodacious Battle Community on Facebook

#BlogBattle now has it's very own community page on Facebook! #BlogBattle Facebook Community Are you a writer? Are you a reader? Click the link above and like the page! Become a part of making it a success! Battlers: If you have a Facebook author/writer page, please put a link in the comments section here so… Continue reading Join the Bodacious Battle Community on Facebook

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Captive Hope Book Blog Tour Dates & Hosts

Click Calendar book tour of the Blog Tour, complete with links to the websites of my amazing hosts! It looks like this but easier to read! 🙂 (Candice Coates is on the 26th & E.Rawls was moved to the 21st!) Captive Hope can be purchased on ebook through major retailers including, but not limited to: Amazon… Continue reading Captive Hope Book Blog Tour Dates & Hosts

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Interview with Kristin, #BlogBattle Orchid Winner

Hi Kristin! I'm so glad you were able to stop on by today. Everyone, meet Kristin from over at Pursuit of a New Adventure. She's our Orchid #BlogBattle winner! Make sure you jump over to her blog and read her winning story, The Gossips of Westpark Flowers. You'll get a good dose of humor out of… Continue reading Interview with Kristin, #BlogBattle Orchid Winner