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Captive Hope

As we move closer to Captive Hope's release, I couldn't help but make a teaser trailer for your viewing enjoyment. Look for Captive Hope to hit shelves everywhere in January 2016! ~ They say love conquers all, but Idra knows hope is what sets the captive free. ~ Idra is noble by birth, lady-in-waiting to… Continue reading Captive Hope

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Character: Ahmad

Supporting characters are important to any story line, and Ahmad is no exception. He's a smart guy with a hot bod. haha He's more than that, really. For one thing, he's a high-ranking guardsman, the friend and confidant of High Prince Theiandar. Ahmad was chosen from the realm of Nevin where men are known for… Continue reading Character: Ahmad

Personal Life Tidbits


What are you worth?   I saw this meme on Facebook the other day and I guess the question up above has been circling through my mind, making the rounds, collecting all the things that make me doubt my own worth. Sometimes I struggle with knowing my own worth because I have done some very… Continue reading Worth?

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History of St. Patrick’s Day (What I Can Remember, Anyway)

So, we all love St. Paddy's Day for the green and the four-leaf clovers and the luck. We think of the Irish and their tenacity, gumption, and . . . beer. I happen to appreciate this holiday. I love the color green. I don't drink beer or ale, though. It just smells bad. My opinion!… Continue reading History of St. Patrick’s Day (What I Can Remember, Anyway)

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Taken for Granted: A List of Twenty-One

The following is an incomplete list of things I am pretty sure I take for granted. Maybe you can identify with some. What do you take for granted? I know how to ride a bicycle Toilet paper is at my disposal where ever necessary My home is warm My home can be cool when it's… Continue reading Taken for Granted: A List of Twenty-One