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The Laughing Death

Dan Alatorre Flash Fic & #BlogBattle Challenges Here's my entry for author Dan Alatorre's Best Christmas Flash Fiction Challenge. I'm going to attempt to combine it with my own #BlogBattle "Tango" story. We'll see what craziness I create. THE RULES (Of Dan's Challenge) First of all you go to this website: http://www.kitt.net/php/title.php  And get six titles. Pick… Continue reading The Laughing Death


Freestyle Writing Challenge (just because)

Candice Coates did another FWC, that's Freestyle Writing Challenge for all you who are wondering about my love of acronyms (we'll chalk it up to working alongside the government). Anywho, Candice just invited anyone to play along, so I did. Here's her challenge and here's my late night mind ramblings: You walk into a room… Continue reading Freestyle Writing Challenge (just because)