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Only Time Will Tell #BlogBattle #flashfiction #Intercept

August 2019 Blog Battle Word Prompt: INTERCEPT Photo by Adam Muise on Unsplash "Only Time Will Tell" By Rachael Ritchey June glanced at her watch. The analog hands pointed opposite directions. She tapped the glass and frowned. "Three forty-five. Fifteen minutes until--" She gasped. Glancing left and right, June stepped out in the road and dashed to the… Continue reading Only Time Will Tell #BlogBattle #flashfiction #Intercept


Tronimator, or the Curse of a Gift

#BlogBattle 42: Gift Gift? No, curse is more like it. But if I have to hear one more time that my ability is a gift I think I'll scream. "Seriously, James, that sorta gift is a huge responsibility. Don't waste it." "Argh," I say and roll my eyes. There's nothing else to say. I spent the… Continue reading Tronimator, or the Curse of a Gift