A Place #BlogBattle 23 by Kassi

#BlogBattle  "Oasis" Week 23 by Kassi G. A Place Peace and quiet, not a sound nature cool and calm abounds sunshine's bright rays on my face not a single task to chase rippling liquid's sweet melody chirping birds singing readily the scent of flowers in my nose where I'm the only one who goes a place to… Continue reading A Place #BlogBattle 23 by Kassi

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A Budding Romance? Continued….or Part 2

So, I believe a recap is in order. If you want some more back story, you can first go here to find out the prequel and then here to get the first part of this story. Now, where we left off: our young lady had just assisted her dear friend in making her very own Geocities website and left… Continue reading A Budding Romance? Continued….or Part 2