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A Whisper of Doubt in the Forest

#BlogBattle 47: Forest genre: fantasy fiction (excerpt from The Beauty Thief) A Whisper of Doubt in the Forest The group stopped for the noon meal, and Princess Eliya slid off her horse with more bounce in her step than at the outset of the day. Even though she ached in places she didn’t know existed,… Continue reading A Whisper of Doubt in the Forest

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#BlogBattle 47 “Forest” Entries & Voting

#BlogBattle 47 Story Theme: Forest (basic rules at the bottom of the post) Post your story by 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday! I add them here throughout the day on Tuesday. Look for stories using #BlogBattle on Twitter, too! Wednesday, the poll gets added. Be sure to read them all. All the links will open in… Continue reading #BlogBattle 47 “Forest” Entries & Voting