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Book Signing Experience

As most of you know, I'm a new author. I'm virtually unknown outside my circles of friends and family. As an author, though, it's important to get my name and stories out in the world where more people can become familiar with us. We had the chance to have another book signing at Barnes &… Continue reading Book Signing Experience


Madness #BlogBattle by Kassi

Madness Crazy, Cuckoo, Looney Tunes I’m friends with the mad-hatter I love to play basketball It’s all about the madness! Why lock crazies away? We all are mad! Everyone belongs in some kind of mad-house! All the best people are mad!   2015 Copyright Kassi G All Rights Reserved

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Madness #BlogBattle Week 8 Entries & Voting

Here are the short stories for this week! As more are available I will try to add them. Be sure to read them all. All the links will open in a new window so that you can easily navigate back to this list. Only participants (Past and Present) vote. We want to encourage everyone to… Continue reading Madness #BlogBattle Week 8 Entries & Voting

My Writing Journey

Creative Blogger Award

It's been a little while since I've received a nomination for a blogging award, and it always reminds me how thankful I am for the blogging community. I joined just over a year ago. It took me several years of hearing the occasional, "why don't you blog?" statement and writing a book to finally take… Continue reading Creative Blogger Award

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Blonde #BlogBattle Week 6 Entries & Voting

Here are the short stories for this week! It's going to be a tough week for voting, folks! Picture This by Anniehow Out of the Storm  by I Came for the Soup, Candice Coates Charming Anton's Woe by E. Rawls Meet Janet Blonde by How The Cookie Crumbles (Tess) Blonde by PhoenixGrey85 Mannequin Rivalry by Blonde(Lucy)WriteMore The Joke's… Continue reading Blonde #BlogBattle Week 6 Entries & Voting

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#BlogBattle: SILVER Entries & Voting

Here are the short stories written so far! Be sure to read them all! I'll add more as they are available, and on Wednesday I'll add the POLL to this post so we can all vote for our favorite. In order to vote, please write a short story so that we can include yours, too!… Continue reading #BlogBattle: SILVER Entries & Voting