My Writing Journey

Where’d She Go?

It's a sad state when you make plans and are excited about all you plan to do, but then the all part of that planning begins to overwhelm you. You know? I somehow doubt I'm the only one who's "been there, done that." So, where did I disappear to? I know I've been away from… Continue reading Where’d She Go?

My Writing Journey

12 Writerly Goals for 2016

Everyone is making resolutions (or not) as they do this time of year. I used to shun the idea of new year resolutions. I've always felt there's never as good of a time as the now to start doing something I resolve to do. No one needs to wait for January 1st to start. But January… Continue reading 12 Writerly Goals for 2016

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Proof Copy Arrived!

I told you on Monday that when the proof copy for The Beauty Thief showed up I'd let you have a sneak peek at the book! It came yesterday evening, but I was so wrapped up in my feelings of shock, seeing my story look so professional and REAL that I couldn't stop ogling it… Continue reading Proof Copy Arrived!

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Praise vs. Paycheck: What is the comparison?

I took quite a long hiatus from my blog! I'm so sorry to everyone who actually takes the time to read my posts! I feel like I've been away far too long, but life took a temporary side-trail. I'm finally headed back to the main road. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying on… Continue reading Praise vs. Paycheck: What is the comparison?

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Q&A #6: Pampered Self?

Two ladies I love dearly asked very similar questions of me.  I will gladly try to answer them, because maybe one of you has a better idea...OR, you might like it how I do it so much you'll want to try it, too!  Either way, let's share our secrets here on the world-wide-web. 🙂 Cyndi… Continue reading Q&A #6: Pampered Self?