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Interview with #BlogBattle Newcomer & “Dive” Winner Grace Petrelli

 Last week our #BlogBattle word was DIVE, and with it came a new player to the game: Grace Petrelli! Grace is a writer who lives in my very own neighborhood. Not my actual neighborhood, like down the street, but in my physical vicinity. I actually met her in person first! Crazy stuff right there. Though… Continue reading Interview with #BlogBattle Newcomer & “Dive” Winner Grace Petrelli

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A Smuggler’s Story

Visit Grace's new blog to read and comment on this story! ClickHERE: Grace Petrelli Hey all! Take some time to greet our new #BlogBattle buddy, Grace! By chance, rather fortuitously, and as part of the greater scheme of things I met this lovely young woman at a Thomas Hammer coffee shop where, lo and behold, I… Continue reading A Smuggler’s Story