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Weekly #Haiku Challenge 44

RonovanWrites' Weekly Haiku Challenge #44 Words: Charge & Lovers Through it All Charge! we call out loud When the battle rages forth Lovers do forgive Has anyone noticed how much I love love? Well, I do. 🙂


Go or Stay – Haiku Challenge # 42

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge 42 Words: Love & Last Go or Stay Always the last one To see the truth in the depths And stay is true love


Fickle: A Want & Tatters Haiku

Haiku Challenge #41 from RonovanWrites Words: Want & Tatters Here is my haiku thought for the day: Fickle Life left in tatters Through circumstances and change Want moves like fluid


Before It’s Too Late >>>> A Haiku for RonovanWrites Challenge #40

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #40 Words: New & Time Here's what I've got for you this week, Ronovan! Before It's Too Late the Time has now come to let go of selfish gain is to become New.   Click the link at the top to find out how go about adding your own Haiku to… Continue reading Before It’s Too Late >>>> A Haiku for RonovanWrites Challenge #40


Hog’s Delight #Haiku Challenge Wk 39 w/RonovanWrites

RonovanWrites Week #39 Haiku Challenge words are Vie & Reach Here's my contribution! Hog's Delight They vie for vittles As if it were their last meal Men do reach for fame ❤ Rachael Ritchey PS Thank you, Ronovan!