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Chocolate Deception

#BlogBattle 52 Theme: Hair -- Genre: Drama/Romance -- Part 3 Meet Teresa, or Terry as her friends call her. Terry is a smart, savvy, and rather clumsy confectioner. Her candy shop is called the Corner Confectionery and over the course of the last year she's built up a strong business. But Blaine Industries' up and… Continue reading Chocolate Deception

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The Needy

A #BlogBattle Story By Bekah The Needy Have you ever wondered what it is like being bald? Well I can tell you this: If you think bald people complain that they want hair, you are wrong. Everyone with hair complains more. Everyone would assume that bald people want hair, but I don't! I don't need… Continue reading The Needy


I Learned It from History?

#BlogBattle Week 6: Blonde Okay, so I have to admit that this is actually the second short story that I wrote for the Blonde #BlogBattle. I would say neither is really better than the other, but this one is a little different, so I decided to share it for the #BlogBattle instead of the first… Continue reading I Learned It from History?