Interview with Jahaira, #BlogBattle “Horde” Winner

Everyone, please join with me in welcoming Jahaira from Figuring it out Mommy! Jahaira joined the battle some seven themes ago and so far has contributed five (actually six!) fantastic tales to our weekly creative writing competition/all-around fun, friendly writing extravaganza! It's been a pleasure having Jahaira in the community. She also goes by YaYa… Continue reading Interview with Jahaira, #BlogBattle “Horde” Winner

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Horde #BlogBattle Week 12 Entries & Voting

#BlogBattle 12 Story Theme: Horde *****everyone who has read the stories needs to vote one more time for one of their top two favorites!  There is currently a Five way tie. ***** The POLL is at the bottom! 🙂 I'll add more stories later in the day. Look for everyone's stories using #BlogBattle on Twitter, too!… Continue reading Horde #BlogBattle Week 12 Entries & Voting

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Grecca and a Horde

#BlogBattle 12: Horde (This is a continuation story, so if you'd like to know how Grecca has spent her day, start at Grecca Through the Loops and then check out Grecca In the News) After Grecca got off the phone with Eirene she dashed to her closet, excited to pick out an outfit for that… Continue reading Grecca and a Horde