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Let’s Talk Writer Cred

If you're like me, you appreciate authenticity and honesty. And with that in mind, we're going to cover an interesting topic for writers, one that my friend Steven Capps has been kind enough to come as a guest and speak on. Stick around and please consider sharing your thoughts in the comments! Lying about Publishing,… Continue reading Let’s Talk Writer Cred

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Breaking: Local Author to Release Debut Novel!

Now how was that for an exciting headline! Oh? Not so good? It tells you what you need to know. Still not enough? hmmm...What about STRANGE MAN LEAKS HIS BRAIN IN A BOOK! See, now as far as I'm concerned that sounds way more interesting . . . and weird . . . and confusing,… Continue reading Breaking: Local Author to Release Debut Novel!

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Two Kinds of the Stuff

Stuff...kind of an ugly word. It's very general and doesn't help much when used out of context. I guess I should give it some context and maybe make it look prettier once it has a perspective to enhance it. STUFF, for today, means BEAUTY. But what is beauty? Well, I think it's often something that most… Continue reading Two Kinds of the Stuff