Interview with #BlogBattle “Musk” Winner Tracey D.

Musk was an interesting word last week. Our blog battle stories were all entertaining, but first time battler, Tracey D., wowed with her fun story, Pierre’s Secret.  We loved her evocative  use of the word and couldn't help but feel a little story for poor, dear Pierre! Ah, the guest of honor has arrived! It's a pleasure… Continue reading Interview with #BlogBattle “Musk” Winner Tracey D.

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Interview with “Spaghetti” #BlogBattle Winner Tess

Hello friends! Help me in welcoming our guest today, Miss Tess of Let's Cut the Crap/How the Cookie Crumbles. We're so pleased to be able to sit down with you, our "Spaghetti" winner, and get to know you a little better. Now that we're comfortable, we'd love to know, 1) As a rockin' (to the… Continue reading Interview with “Spaghetti” #BlogBattle Winner Tess

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Interview with “Rage” #BlogBattle Winner Blonde(Lucy)WriteMore!

Look at that beautiful face! Everyone meet the talented Miss Lucy of BlondeWriteMore! She's won yet another Blog Battle with her hilarious character antics. Lucy, I'm so glad you could stop in for a little chit-chat. We're very interested to find out more about the woman behind the wit. I'm going to start with something… Continue reading Interview with “Rage” #BlogBattle Winner Blonde(Lucy)WriteMore!


Interview with Andrew S. #BlogBattle “Rope” Winner

It's the day for another #BlogBattle winner interview for the theme "Rope." Today we get to meet a newcomer! Andrew Budek-Schmeisser! Welcome Andrew. Congrats on winning with your first battle story! Now, please make yourself comfortable. We're happy you've joined the battle and look forward to reading many more of your spun tales. I've got just… Continue reading Interview with Andrew S. #BlogBattle “Rope” Winner


Interview with Jahaira, #BlogBattle “Horde” Winner

Everyone, please join with me in welcoming Jahaira from Figuring it out Mommy! Jahaira joined the battle some seven themes ago and so far has contributed five (actually six!) fantastic tales to our weekly creative writing competition/all-around fun, friendly writing extravaganza! It's been a pleasure having Jahaira in the community. She also goes by YaYa… Continue reading Interview with Jahaira, #BlogBattle “Horde” Winner


Interview with Claire Banschbach, News #Blogbattle Winner

It's that time again! And author friend, Claire Banschbach is the News #BlogBattle Winner! We've not had the chance to grill her for information interrogate question interview her, so I've asked her by for a tidy little visit. She thought she might be up for it. What do you think, Claire? Can you take the heat? I'd… Continue reading Interview with Claire Banschbach, News #Blogbattle Winner


Interview with Carrie Ann, Loop #BlogBattle Winner

Hi Carrie Ann! Thanks for making the trip here from Anniehow to have a little chat with me! I appreciate it. We are so happy for your win of last week's #BlogBattle. Loop was an interesting word, and the way you used it brought tears to my eyes. I hope if any of our guests… Continue reading Interview with Carrie Ann, Loop #BlogBattle Winner

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Interview with Ssenlrak, Madness #BlogBattle Winner

The votes were tallied and our Week 8 Madness winner is Ssenlrak (Karl Gman)!!! Congrats to that handsome hubby of mine. I have to admit when I read his madness story I chortled quite a bit while swiveling back and forth in my padded computer chair. I hope you got a little chuckle out of… Continue reading Interview with Ssenlrak, Madness #BlogBattle Winner