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A Recap of the Amazing Blog Tour

It has been a whirlwind of blogging for the last couple weeks, because I've had some amazing stops with fantastic hosts on the Captive Hope Book Blog Tour. I enjoyed each and every one so much I wanted to create a place where we could go to find the interviews, excerpts, and friendly banter any… Continue reading A Recap of the Amazing Blog Tour

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Captive Hope Book Blog Tour Dates & Hosts

Click Calendar book tour of the Blog Tour, complete with links to the websites of my amazing hosts! It looks like this but easier to read! 🙂 (Candice Coates is on the 26th & E.Rawls was moved to the 21st!) Captive Hope can be purchased on ebook through major retailers including, but not limited to: Amazon… Continue reading Captive Hope Book Blog Tour Dates & Hosts

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One Liner Challenge

Talk about one crazy story! See if you can keep up. 🙂 I was nominated by S. Farnell to participate in this one liner challenge, what I have to do is simple, add a single line to this story. My line is at the bottom of the post in italics.   Chapter 1…THE BEACH It… Continue reading One Liner Challenge

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7/7/7 Challenge

Ah, E. Rawls, you've caught me at just the right moment to participate. I have finally started naming the chapters in my current WIP. For most, that may seem unspectacular, but for me it stirs up excitement. It reminds me of what each chapter holds, what every word brings to the story. The rules of… Continue reading 7/7/7 Challenge

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Interview w/Last Week’s #BlogBattle Winner

J.A. Merkel was our lucky winner from #BlogBattle numero uno: Four Leaf Clover. QUICK PLUG: Make sure to write your own short story for this week's #BlogBattle: Side Table. Click here for the rules and the basic info! Now, back to the scheduled entertainment!  J.A. Merkel agreed to a quick interview after his impressive win last… Continue reading Interview w/Last Week’s #BlogBattle Winner