Bravery & Kindness – Week 4 Short Story #BlogBattle

Here is my short story for #BlogBattle Week 4: Bludgeon (verb)   Bravery and Kindness It was happening again. She walked with her head down, books held tight against her under-developed chest. The taunting words and accompanying laugh echoed around her. Or at least it felt that way as the eyes of the others in… Continue reading Bravery & Kindness – Week 4 Short Story #BlogBattle

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Two Kinds of the Stuff

Stuff...kind of an ugly word. It's very general and doesn't help much when used out of context. I guess I should give it some context and maybe make it look prettier once it has a perspective to enhance it. STUFF, for today, means BEAUTY. But what is beauty? Well, I think it's often something that most… Continue reading Two Kinds of the Stuff