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#BlogBattle 51 “Trace” Entries & Voting

#BlogBattle 51 Story Theme: Trace You know what this means, right? Next week will mark one year of #BlogBattle! I'm amazed and so thankful to everyone who participates and makes this writing thing happen every week. And to celebrate, we'll be having a bit of a party next week. Participants, choose a favorite #BlogBattle story you've… Continue reading #BlogBattle 51 “Trace” Entries & Voting

#BlogBattles, Weekly Entries to #BlogBattle

#BlogBattle “Head” Entries & Voting

#BlogBattle 26 Story Theme: Head Today we celebrate six months of Blog Battles! Woot! Woot! It's been a pleasure to battle with you all over the past six months, and I'm looking forward to the next six. Each and every one of you make it worth it. Thanks for being a part of the fun!… Continue reading #BlogBattle “Head” Entries & Voting

#BlogBattles, Weekly Entries to #BlogBattle

#BlogBattle 24 “Troop” Entries & Voting

#BlogBattle 24 Story Theme: Troop (basic rules at the bottom of the post) Look for everyone’s stories using #BlogBattle on Twitter, too! Wednesday, the poll gets added. Be sure to read them all. All the links will open in a new window so that you can easily navigate back to this list. RULES for VOTING:… Continue reading #BlogBattle 24 “Troop” Entries & Voting

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Naming Names and How to Make Them Count

I've had several questions posed which I've answered briefly with reply comments, but I'd like to take some questions and answer them in more detail. Maybe someone else has the same question but didn't know to look for the answer in the comments below! Today we will tackle Phoenix Grey's question: . . . I… Continue reading Naming Names and How to Make Them Count

Questions People Ask

Q&A #8: From Author E. Rawls

A fresh week, a new question! Yay! Thanks, E. Rawls for your thoughtful inquiry into the depths of my writing brain. Author and blogging friend, E. Rawls asked: Hi Rachael! My question: What is the funniest thing you have ever written? Oh, Ms. Rawls! You have come to the crux of it! I have never… Continue reading Q&A #8: From Author E. Rawls

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My Very Own Seafaring Ballad!

I wrote this part in Captive Hope which called for a pirate sing-along. No really. These pirates enjoy singing. They are masters of the sea shanty, but a ballad will sneak into the repertoire every now and again. So, I left that part of the story empty while deliberating the song I must choose. I thought… Continue reading My Very Own Seafaring Ballad!