Interview with Carrie Ann, Loop #BlogBattle Winner

Hi Carrie Ann! Thanks for making the trip here from Anniehow to have a little chat with me! I appreciate it. We are so happy for your win of last week's #BlogBattle. Loop was an interesting word, and the way you used it brought tears to my eyes. I hope if any of our guests… Continue reading Interview with Carrie Ann, Loop #BlogBattle Winner


Silly Spiritual Traditions by Chloe #BlogBattle 11

#BlogBattle Week 11 by Chloe H (12yo) Willow frantically fluttered from oak to oak. I, Star (her BFF), a wolf cloaked in soft ebony fur, continued to gaze at the fairy’s nervous movements. For as long as I had dwelled in the realm of Magia, I had never fully understood the residents’ complex traditions. The… Continue reading Silly Spiritual Traditions by Chloe #BlogBattle 11

#BlogBattles, Grecca

Grecca Through the Loop

Grecca pulled the vintage shoe laces tight, checking to make sure the loops were even. It wasn't just anyone in New San Diego who owned a pair of sneakers to flaunt, and she wanted to make sure everyone got an eyeful. Her father was the second wealthiest man in the city, which made Grecca the… Continue reading Grecca Through the Loop