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Leviathan Deep

#BlogBattle Week 54 "Leviathan" A herald of a time long since passed. A whisper of the days to come. Its breath fills the air with heat but leaves the bones of men chilled with unutterable fear. This is the story given from generation to generation. It was a story Kepheus had heard over and over from… Continue reading Leviathan Deep

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#BlogBattle 54 “Feather” Entries & Voting

****It's the end of Wednesday. You know, I wrote half my story for this week before I ran out of steam. *sigh* I guess I'll try for two words next week. I've never missed a battle yet, so this is disappointing, but that's life and illness. I'm feeling better today. Bronchitis hit me like a… Continue reading #BlogBattle 54 “Feather” Entries & Voting

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Egging You On: A Reprisal

Happy One Year #BlogBattle Anniversary! So, "Egging You On" was my week 3 #BlogBattle story, and while I'm partial to my strange addiction to Mad Mona, I've decided to pull this one out of the file instead. When I wrote it I wanted more from the story, so why not revisit it a bit and… Continue reading Egging You On: A Reprisal

#BlogBattles, Weekly Entries to #BlogBattle

One Year #BlogBattle Celebration Week 53! Entries & Voting

So as I explained last week--here--we are doing #BlogBattle a little differently this week. Of course, I feel like I've left out any newbies who would have liked to have joined today! So for you, it's not too late! Write a story with the theme word: YEAR. You've got all day to post it. :)… Continue reading One Year #BlogBattle Celebration Week 53! Entries & Voting

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A Whisper of Doubt in the Forest

#BlogBattle 47: Forest genre: fantasy fiction (excerpt from The Beauty Thief) A Whisper of Doubt in the Forest The group stopped for the noon meal, and Princess Eliya slid off her horse with more bounce in her step than at the outset of the day. Even though she ached in places she didn’t know existed,… Continue reading A Whisper of Doubt in the Forest