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#BlogBattle Stuffola

Hey all you Battlers and Potential Battlers! Nicholas, J.A., Lucy, E., Phoenix, Indian Mac, Darren, Sarah C, Marnie, Tess, Candice, Brian, Claire, Jahaira, Carrie Ann, Kima, The Plagued P, John, Michael, Andrew, Lauren, Marje, Melissa, Orana, Tracey, Ms Toy, Solveig, Sarah B, Kristin, Beaton, & Karl How's it going this beautiful Monday? Well, here in… Continue reading #BlogBattle Stuffola


Interview With “Drop” #BlogBattle Winner PhoenixGrey85

Blog Battle "Drop" has gotten itself a prize of a winner: PhoenixGrey85!!! She's taken the trophy this week! She's been an active participant, writing faithfully week after week since the second battle! Phoenix has tickled our fancy with a continuing light fantasy story centered around a young woman named Layla and a fairy called Winter.… Continue reading Interview With “Drop” #BlogBattle Winner PhoenixGrey85