Denim Dreams Come True for Local Shopper By Marnie S.

News #BlogBattle by Marnie Schroer In an announcement that is sending shockwaves through this once tight-knit community, Carol Simpson, longtime resident of Upper East Southwestville, claims that she recently purchased the "perfect" pair of jeans. According to Simpson, this unprecedented occurrence took place on Saturday, May 24th, at the Dalton's Discount Duds on Curmudgeon Drive.… Continue reading Denim Dreams Come True for Local Shopper By Marnie S.


Silly Spiritual Traditions by Chloe #BlogBattle 11

#BlogBattle Week 11 by Chloe H (12yo) Willow frantically fluttered from oak to oak. I, Star (her BFF), a wolf cloaked in soft ebony fur, continued to gaze at the fairy’s nervous movements. For as long as I had dwelled in the realm of Magia, I had never fully understood the residents’ complex traditions. The… Continue reading Silly Spiritual Traditions by Chloe #BlogBattle 11

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Grecca In the News

Last Week: Grecca Through the Loop #BlogBattle 11: News Grecca kicked off her Nike tennis shoes, a relic of the past, and collapsed back onto her super-modern mega gel settee. Her space suit pants rubbed on the vinyl-like material of the seat making a rather unladylike sound. No sooner had her bottom sunk into the… Continue reading Grecca In the News