A Place #BlogBattle 23 by Kassi

#BlogBattle  "Oasis" Week 23 by Kassi G. A Place Peace and quiet, not a sound nature cool and calm abounds sunshine's bright rays on my face not a single task to chase rippling liquid's sweet melody chirping birds singing readily the scent of flowers in my nose where I'm the only one who goes a place to… Continue reading A Place #BlogBattle 23 by Kassi

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Princess Caityn Tells Her Story

So, I was searching through my plethora of notebooks, looking for a story I'd started writing a few years ago. Instead of the story for which I searched I came across this little bit. I didn't date it so I have no idea when I wrote it. (nice memory, right?) It's written from Caityn's perspective.… Continue reading Princess Caityn Tells Her Story


Polish the Silver. Make it Shine. #BlogBattle Week 5

Week 5 #BlogBattle Theme: Silver (and REMEMBER! Starting this week, everyone who has participated in the past and participates this week gets to vote for the winner! I'll post a Poll w/links to all the stories on Wednesday PST. 🙂 ) Polish the Silver. Make it Shine. "Toledo Fink! You little stink! I'm telling, Mom!"… Continue reading Polish the Silver. Make it Shine. #BlogBattle Week 5