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Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop

My imaginative and gifted writer friend, E. Rawls, invited me to this blog hop challenge. She is a fellow blogger who has published a book of original poetry, short stories and riddles that you would be sure to enjoy. It's called Bleeding Heart if you'd like to check it out! She is also working on her… Continue reading Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop

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Inside Beauty – Inside My Story

I've talked about beauty on my blog pretty often since I started here a few months ago.  I keep saying the same thing in different (and often similar) ways.  Beauty is not just something we look at and appreciate.  It comes from the inside of a person.  His or her character, morals, and values will… Continue reading Inside Beauty – Inside My Story

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Two Kinds of the Stuff

Stuff...kind of an ugly word. It's very general and doesn't help much when used out of context. I guess I should give it some context and maybe make it look prettier once it has a perspective to enhance it. STUFF, for today, means BEAUTY. But what is beauty? Well, I think it's often something that most… Continue reading Two Kinds of the Stuff