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One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to Alicia at Cyborg Knight  for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award! I loved all the little pics all over her post so I copied them. I ❤ hearts and her images are adorable. 😉 Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog List the rules and… Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award


Interview With “Drop” #BlogBattle Winner PhoenixGrey85

Blog Battle "Drop" has gotten itself a prize of a winner: PhoenixGrey85!!! She's taken the trophy this week! She's been an active participant, writing faithfully week after week since the second battle! Phoenix has tickled our fancy with a continuing light fantasy story centered around a young woman named Layla and a fairy called Winter.… Continue reading Interview With “Drop” #BlogBattle Winner PhoenixGrey85

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7/7/7 Challenge

Ah, E. Rawls, you've caught me at just the right moment to participate. I have finally started naming the chapters in my current WIP. For most, that may seem unspectacular, but for me it stirs up excitement. It reminds me of what each chapter holds, what every word brings to the story. The rules of… Continue reading 7/7/7 Challenge

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Opening Paragraph 2.0

I posted this before in regard to the opening paragraph of my current Work-in-Progress (WIP), Captive Hope, and here's what we started with: The rhythm of her heart beat as steady as her soul. Idra’s life had changed over the course of the last year. Her innocence had been shattered by the greed of evil men,… Continue reading Opening Paragraph 2.0