A Place #BlogBattle 23 by Kassi

#BlogBattle  "Oasis" Week 23 by Kassi G. A Place Peace and quiet, not a sound nature cool and calm abounds sunshine's bright rays on my face not a single task to chase rippling liquid's sweet melody chirping birds singing readily the scent of flowers in my nose where I'm the only one who goes a place to… Continue reading A Place #BlogBattle 23 by Kassi


Buns Everywhere! by Michael H. #BlogBattle: Bun

Buns Everywhere! Buns, buns everywhere, Good to eat, And in your hair. Various buns, buns galore, Beef, Bath, Boston-- And so many more. They're in the oven, Are babies too, Baker's dozen just for you. Buns, buns everywhere, Cheese, honey, cinnamon, Many flavors not hard to bare. Steamed, sticky and wheat-- So much yum, Just… Continue reading Buns Everywhere! by Michael H. #BlogBattle: Bun


Madness #BlogBattle by Kassi

Madness Crazy, Cuckoo, Looney Tunes I’m friends with the mad-hatter I love to play basketball It’s all about the madness! Why lock crazies away? We all are mad! Everyone belongs in some kind of mad-house! All the best people are mad!   2015 Copyright Kassi G All Rights Reserved

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Interview with Cosmic #BlogBattle Co-Winner Darren Scanlon

Hello everyone! As you may know, the Cosmic #BlogBattle had a tie for winners. Congrats to both Darren Scanlon & E. Rawls on your joint victory! E. has been interviewed before, and I sent her an email earlier asking if she'd like to do it again, so there may be another interview for you later,… Continue reading Interview with Cosmic #BlogBattle Co-Winner Darren Scanlon

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#BlogBattle: SILVER Entries & Voting

Here are the short stories written so far! Be sure to read them all! I'll add more as they are available, and on Wednesday I'll add the POLL to this post so we can all vote for our favorite. In order to vote, please write a short story so that we can include yours, too!… Continue reading #BlogBattle: SILVER Entries & Voting