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How to Not Get Overwhelmed with Indie Publishing

In the indie publishing world it doesn't take much to feel overwhelmed, and for some this means giving up before ever truly starting. It doesn't matter if you've barely written a page of your book or have finished it (even going so far as to have it edited and uploaded to your preferred publishing avenue),… Continue reading How to Not Get Overwhelmed with Indie Publishing

My Writing Journey

12 Writerly Goals for 2016

Everyone is making resolutions (or not) as they do this time of year. I used to shun the idea of new year resolutions. I've always felt there's never as good of a time as the now to start doing something I resolve to do. No one needs to wait for January 1st to start. But January… Continue reading 12 Writerly Goals for 2016

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Candice Coates: Winner of “Fallow” #BlogBattle

Please welcome the courageous and cutest Candice Coates! Candice is an incredibly artistic person with talent to spare. She's got a great sense of humor, and it shows through in her comedic western tale! Her story, All Washed Up: A Shenanigans Continuation, has won the "Fallow" #Blogbattle, and I hope you'll find your way to… Continue reading Candice Coates: Winner of “Fallow” #BlogBattle

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“Be Thankful” Challenge

Writer, good friend, fellow #BlogBattler, all-around nice guy, Simon Farnell, nominated me for this challenge. It's one I certainly couldn't pass up! There's always something to be thankful for! The Rules – Share this image in your blog post – Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for – Write about 5… Continue reading “Be Thankful” Challenge

Questions People Ask

Buying ISBNs & the Best Way to Do It

I've been asked this question several times: How many ISBNs do you recommend purchasing? The question of buying bar codes has also arisen, but that question is not one I know much about. From my limited experience, I would say, no, it isn't necessary. My indie publishing experience has been with: Createspace (Amazon Company) Kindle Direct… Continue reading Buying ISBNs & the Best Way to Do It